The Freedom Scholarship

The founders of the school have a strong history in fundraising for scholarships since 2009. They have helped pay for school going costs and Afrocentric mentorship [through their Mentorship for Freedom programme] for over 300 gifted and disadvantaged children in Kenya. They were invited to mentor in the PURES programme of which H.E Margaret Kenyatta, the First Lady of Kenya, is patron. Their work has been published by Citizen TV and NTV, among other local media. They have now transferred The Freedom Scholarship programme to Children In Freedom School, and currently, 15% of the school’s population is on scholarship; with the aim that in future 50% of the school will be on scholarship. Scholarship opportunities are advertised through the website and the school’s social media, keep out an eye for them. The Freedom Scholarship gives its beneficiaries the chance to study in a quality school that will facilitate them to reach their best potential and be the changemaker that Africa needs. Quality education matters! Unfortunately, in Africa, it has been the norm for needy students to mostly be sponsored to schools that lack resources and exposure, and thus the best is not brought out of them. The Freedom Scholarship breaks this sponsorship model and gives gifted and disadvantaged students the best education.

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