Engr. Oku Kanayo Egbeni

Engr. Oku Kanayo Egbeni commands the helm as the Co-Founder and Director of Children In Freedom School (CIFS) in Kenya, igniting a groundbreaking educational revolution as the pioneer of the first Afrocentric school in  Africa.

Hailing from Asaba, Delta state, Nigeria, Oku’s academic journey boasts a BSc in Computer Engineering from the esteemed University of Benin, Nigeria, and an MSc in Computer Engineering from Dalarna University, Sweden.

His illustrious career spans continents, where his mastery in marketing and software engineering propelled him to serve as an ICT consultant and business strategist for industry giants like Virgin Media and Hewlett Packard in the UK from 2004 to 2013.

However, Oku’s story transcends mere professional accolades. It was upon returning to Africa in 2014 that he unearthed his true calling. Co-founding Children in Freedom with his wife Utheri, they embarked on a mission to transform lives by offering scholarships to underprivileged children.

Recognizing that financial support alone was insufficient, Oku engineered an Afrocentric mentorship curriculum called Mentorship for Freedom (MFF). This transformative program instills a profound sense of cultural pride and identity in the students, empowering them to embrace their African heritage and envision a future of boundless possibilities.

From humble beginnings, MFF evolved into the visionary institution that is CIFS. With his own hands and an unwavering determination, Oku spearheaded the construction of the school’s inaugural classrooms in 2017, laying the foundation for a revolution in African education.

A polymath of unparalleled genius, Oku’s keen emotional intelligence and visionary leadership have propelled CIFS to unprecedented heights. Fearlessly charting uncharted territories, he manifests bold dreams for African children, translating his vision into a pioneering Afrocentric curriculum.

Harnessing his expertise in ICT, Oku has implemented ambitious programs spanning kindergarten to high school, including pioneering initiatives such as coding with Python. His dedication and innovation have earned CIFS prestigious accolades, including the ReimaginED Liberatory Learning Award, the 2022 MASK School Prize, and the 2023 DIAR Award for Most Inclusive Social Enterprise.

In every endeavor, Engr. Oku Kanayo Egbeni embodies the essence of excellence and empowerment, revolutionizing education and empowering a generation to embrace their heritage and soar to new heights of greatness

Here is a short feature of Oku and his work as aired on Voice of America.