Our Model

Our Model
Children In Freedom Schools uses three main approaches to attaining its mission and vision:
  • 1.   Afrocentric Curriculum and Co-curricula: Teaching a blend of the National Curriculum and the Freedom Curriculum.
  • 2.   21st Century Skills: Emphasis on innovation and tech-savviness, and using this to design solutions for the world’s problems.
  • 3.  Character Development: Recognising the importance of both intellectual and emotional intelligence, discipline, service and ubuntu – following The Freedom Principles and values below.
    • Utambuzi (Self-awareness): We know who we are, are aware of our worth, our strengths and our potential to change the world!
    • Udadisi (Curious, inquisitive): We are ever curious, inquisitive and embrace life-long learning!
    • Ubunifu (Innovative): We recognise the endless possibilities to approach various challenges and have the courage to form new solutions of our own!
    • Bidii (Hard work & Excellence): We put all our efforts, hard work and foot forward in all that we do!
    • Ubuntu: “I am because we are.” We find strength in not only the individual, but also the collective. We work together for the true communal betterment of Kenya, Africa and the world!