Our holistic kindergarten is known to be one of the best in Kenya. Our children read, write and do basic maths from 3 years (some earlier). They are multilingual (both local and foreign languages), and participate in school activities such as cooking, cultural fashion shows, sports and arts with the older children. They have high self-efficacy, are good in public speaking and some have started businesses. The two factors below have informed our Freedom curriculum for kindergarten, and our results are outstanding:

  •       Scientific factor

Before the age of seven, a child’s mind is like a sponge, unconsciously absorbing information from his/her environment. Furthermore, the capacity of their mind is similar to a 35-year-old, and even more malleable as it absorbs effortlessly what is around him/her.

  •      Decolonising the mind

As the world stands, black people and especially black Africans are seen at the bottom of the Peking order. For this to reverse, African children must be prepared to rise their competence to be just as good if not better than their peers globally. The foundation of change starts at kindergarten. Through the freedom curriculum we nurture the babies to exploit their various talents, love their heritage and become global citizens