Freedom High School

“Invest in me, Change a million”.

Freedom High School (FSH) is a shoot coming up from our thriving Children In Freedom School (CIFS). CIFS is the first Afrocentric school in East Africa and was founded by Engr. Oku and Dr. Utheri Kanayo in January 2018. They established CIFS because they were concerned with the international rhetoric that paints the African continent as hopeless, backward and in need of saving. The school is putting African greatness, heritage and identity at the centre of learning. Just like CIFS, FHS will aim to reclaim Africa’s glory on the global stage by recognising the greatness inherent in every African child, nurturing it from an early age, and preparing them to use their greatness to design solutions that will change their local communities and the global world. To study at FHS, is to study in a blended Afrocentric and Global change making space. Every child at FHS will be guided to know who they are and identify their talents, strengths, and purpose on earth. They will enhance their growth mindset, self-efficacy and problem-solving skills. Every FHS child will be a high achiever with leadership skills and will go forward to change the world. We are investing in that one gifted child, who will touch and change millions of lives globally.

In future, FSH will morph into a Pan African boarding secondary school. We will host children from any African country and/or the diaspora; giving local and international families an opportunity for their children to benefit from an education that is rooted in powerful Afrocentric knowledges and truths. We aim for African children to be proud of the heritage and own who they are; moving away from the current practice of Africans being ashamed of who they are and where they come from. Because of the international nature of the school, local and international curriculum will be offered while adding Afrocentric education through our Freedom curriculum.